Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 10:

Activity: get post-it notes (multi color ones a plus) and write a love poem on them, one word per note, then number them and mix them all up.  Hang them on a mirror fridge, ect... and let her put them in order to reveal the poem.

We were kinda fighting that afternoon, but I had already planned it and I still love her no matter if we are fighting or not.  So I still wanted to show her that even if I was upset with her a little.  So I wrote a really sweet peom that I found on little post-it notes.  the poem was kind of long so I did two words on each piece of paper.  hung them on her bathroom mirror.

She saw it when she got home from work.  Later that night before bed she said "Thank you for that note on the mirror".  I was glad I went ahead and did it even though I was upset. 

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