Monday, April 18, 2011

New app idea

I had an idea for a new app today.  I live in Memphis, TN and every year they have a huge concert called the Beale Street Music Festival.  I got tickets for me and my wife today.  This will be the first time either of us has been in many years.  They have 4 or 5 stages that all have concerts at different times so keeping up with who is playing at what time is a chore.  I looked to see if anybody made an app so I could have a schedule on my phone besides just going to the website, but I couldn't find one.

The event is a week and a half away so I think its too late for me to make a decent app for this year.  But I think it would be helpful for fellow memphians or anybody else comming into town for the event.  Maybe next January or Feburary I will work on an app.  Try to make the lineup easy to filter and show who is on what stage at what time.  Maybe a map would be good too.

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