Monday, January 9, 2012

Contest: Win a Free eBook on Android Marketing! "Genius Android Marketing: Get Rich by Outsmarting the Android Market"

Ok I was approached by somebody asking if I wanted to give away some copies of his Android marketing eBook. I was a little skeptical  at first because I had seen some eBooks out there from people claiming they were making their living off Android apps, but when you looked at there income 80% was from eBook sales and website advertising for their blog and 20% from actual android apps. I always thought that if they were so smart on how to market an android app then wouldn't most of their income come from apps that they have successfully marketed?

But this guy is actually making decent money from his apps. And has gotten a whole lot of downloads. Way more income and downloads than I have been able to get with my apps. So I thought he must know something right?

Well the only way to find out is to read his book. So over the weekend I read his book. Annoyed my wife a little because I had my phone screen on while she was over there trying to go to sleep but that was the only time I had free to read it. Was the book even good enough for me to want to give away some free copies of it?

As it turns out is was actually a pretty good read. It made some interesting points and got me thinking. Was there anything groundbreaking in the book? Some magical secret to make you rich from android apps? Well no. But it was very well written and although some of the tips may be things you already thought about or common sense would tell you. The book stressed these things and made you see just how important they can be.

If your like me you spend hours and hours making an app and then just put it on the market and hope for downloads. Your a developer and not a marketer so you spend way more time thinking about how the app should work as apposed to thinking if there is a market for that app and how to go about promoting it. This book will get you thinking more about the other side of making android applications and not just about the development side.

I've actually thought of some interesting things to do for the launch of my new app and will probably push the launch back a week or two so I can promote it better. Stay tuned for an article on what I do to promote my new drinking game app in the next few weeks.

Now on the the important part of why you are reading this post: The Contest. It will be open for one week.

3 pdf copies of the book "Genius Android Marketing: Get Rich By Outsmarting the Android Market" by Jason Van Buiten.

How to enter:

1.  Follow @fiveHellions and @geniusandroid on Twitter.
2.  Tweet the following message:

  • Win a free Android Marketing eBook "Genius Android Marketing" from @fiveHellions and @geniusandroid - #AndroidDev

3.  In the comments, tell us why you decided to get into andriod programming.

At 9PM Central on 1/16/2012, I will randomly chose 3 winners from the comments on this post.

You can find out more about the book here [amazon link]

Many thanks to Jason for giving away copies of his book.


  1. follow done,tweeting done..waiting for the free copy

  2. I'm very much a noob when it comes to android programming. I've got a couple of apps on the market, but none making me much money. I am inspired when I read the stories of people making lots of money from apps though, and I'd love to be able to give up my day job and focus on programming to make a living - it would be a dream come true.

    I got into programming (or am getting into programming - I'm getting there slowly) to try to make that dream a reality :-)

    (@endlessdark on twitter - and you may want to edit your text above slightly, if you just copy/paste 'Win a free Android Marketing eBook "Genius Android Marketing" from @fiveHellions and @geniusandroid - #AndroidDev' the link doesn't work, presumably because of the hyphen before the http - I added a space and it was then clickable.)

  3. Thanks for pointing out the twitter link, its now fixed.

    Good luck with your quest to make money with with Android. I'm in the same boat so far. Made a few bucks but that is it. I will keep trying though.

  4. Hi, I'm learning to develop apps for Android to be rich!, hehe. No, my goal is to make games and apps that people play in theirs mobiles, and if I can get some money with this, better for me!.
    (follows and tweet done)

  5. @typelife

    My desire to learn how to develop Android applications came from my underlying interest in mobile and web technologies (am a web developer as well) and a desire to create custom tailored applications for myself.

  6. Evi @waddehaddedudedJanuary 12, 2012 at 3:57 AM

    I like Android development because I love Java and the Android platform.

  7. Hey there. I try to make long story short. I am from Poland. I was studying with about $50 a month for tickets (20km to technical university I was studying on) and something to eat. I was living with my parents with their rent (I believe it was less than $200 a month). Rats were walking through our kitchen when my Mather died after third extravasation into brain (about 10y ago). I Couldn't help Her. My Father was an alcoholic and after accident he got psychiatric ill. I don't remember this disease name. Anyway he also couldn't help my Mather. WE got no money for Her treatment.
    He died about 2 years later, after I finished studying and went for work to Warsaw. Soon I was married. It was hard to start with our first daughter. Earning were poor. I tried to develop own business 2 times - but this is not for me. I also tried adsense blogging. I need peace, passive income, more time for our life. For about 6 years I have been training on forex demo accounts. I know quite well I can quickly multiply some money and get more financial stability (and peace) if I invest about $1500.
    There goes my plan - I decided to get these start money with Android apps. I just developed my first Android app (and it was fun!) but when I saw Android Market salary ($25) I got stuck. Then I found your website. I want to start earning as quick as possible. I know that first month would give me rather symbolic quotes but few months later, maybe in the end of 2012, I would earn some significant money.
    Daily I am php developer but I am not feeling well sitting at someone's else desk. I have no time for my 2 Daughters and Wife. We were abroad just once - it was our honeymoon trip to Slovakia.
    I believe my 3 Women should receive something more from life than I got. You decide if you can help me or not.
    C ya!

  8. Hi phpworker

    If the $25 fee to put apps on the market is a problem, I'd be happy to host them on my account for you, so long as they don't violate the terms of the market. Let me know if that would be any help :-)

    1. Hi Rational Anarchist! Honestly, I was dreaming about this free ebook of Jason Van Buiten.... Thank you for your idea, but... there are plenty of free android markets, so I can avoid paying in other way. Greetings!

  9. Hi,
    I got into Android programming because I bought an Android device and wanted to write my own apps. I hope to make some money with my apps this year.

    (follows and tweet done)