Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Android Drinking Game, DrunkGreenRobots, just released!

Pleased to announce that I now have my third app released to the market. Drunk Green Robots is a drinking game that combines classic high\low and red\black card game with fun dares. Hopefully it will be loads of fun to play with friends.

I'm taking a new approach to generate revenue for this app. Instead of relying solely on ad banners I'm going to try to use unlock-able content that can be purchased with virtual currency. This currency can either be bought via an in app purchase or earned from a tapjoy offerwall.

In my previous apps I never generated enough users and never earned much money. I don't see this app having tons of users and the users I do have won't open the app daily. So I didn't see normal banner ads generating much revenue. I considered a paid version but decided to try this method instead.

Time will tell if this app will generate better revenue or not. Now I just need to do some promotion and get some users.

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