Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reached 1,000 active installs!!

Just a little bit of celebration.  I have reached 1,000 active installs for my 30 Day Love Spark app. I'm also about 450 installs away from reaching 5,000 total installs.

It is noteworthy that after making a small change to my app where I ask the user's gender on startup and customize the activities for their gender and partner's gender I have seen the active install percentage level out.  You could always change genders in the settings and refresh the activities but I think many users never saw this option and even if they changed gender's they didn't refresh the activities.

Since that change the percentage has stayed just under 22% where before it was steadily decreasing.  I think alot of females uninstalled the app since the activities were not ones that their guys would like. Now they get a set of activities better tailored to guys without having to dig through the settings.

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